Folding Sliding Steel Door FE "Teckentrup 50"

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Folding Sliding Steel Door FE "Teckentrup 50"
Folding sliding steel door FE "Teckentrup 50", double-skinned. PUR foam core.
Four-leaf door, 3:1 coupled. Access door leaf DIN right. Door leaf made of
1 mm sheet steel, door leaf 50 mm thick, with vertically arranged rubber
accident prevention profiles. Side frame made of square tube. Upper frame
profile with guiding rail (U-profile). Active leaf with salient bolt lock, prepared
for profile cylinder and handle set. Locking of the rest of the door leaf via
surface mounted basquill lock. The door leaves are coupled via two-piece
hinges. "Teckentrup 50" or equivalent.

Ordering dimensions:
Modular dimensions:______ mm wide and ______mm high,
No. of leaves _____, folding pattern ______,
leaf opening 90°/180°

Ordering details:
Wall and header thickness (concrete ______mm/masonry ______mm)
Door opens outwards/inwards (seen from the fixing side of the door)
Headroom ______mm (min. 150 mm)
Sideroom right ______mm, left ______mm
( ) With wicket door (integrated in the door leaf)
( ) Without wicket door

Modular dimensions
Width: 2250 – 16000 mm
Height: 2000 –  5000 mm

Door leaf galvanized and prime coated similar to RAL 9016 (traffic white)
Door frame galvanized.
( ) Optionally powder-coated in RAL on choice

( ) Acrylic panes 5/6/8 mm thick
( ) Laminated safety glass 6 mm thick
( ) SAN double glazing 18 mm thick (only aluminium frame)
( ) Double laminated safety insulation glass (VSG/VSG) 21 mm thick
(With aluminium clamping strips or rubber clamping profile)

Special equipment:
( ) Steel hinges black (lustreless), stainless steel
( ) Door arresting device
( ) Sectioned active leaf incl. rabbet seal, also with panic function
( ) Wicket door with and without threshold incl. rabbet seal
( ) Wicket doors with threshold are not permitted for emergency exits.
Wicket door always in middle end leaf.
( ) Panic lock only for
- wicket door without threshold
- with panic bar handle in acc. with DIN EN 1125
- with handle set in acc. with DIN EN 179
Caution! Observe required space for the handle set!                        
( ) Venting slots
( ) Rain guard
( ) Fire brigade unlocking via pull cable
for folding pattern 2:2
Overall frame size (RAM) width 4000 – 5450 mm,
Structural opening (RRM) height 3550 – 5000 mm
( ) Motor with deadman control
Overall frame size (RAM) width 2250 – 4000 mm,
Structural opening (RRM) height 2550 – 4250 mm
Control for power operated doors with automatic
function in acc. with EN 12453 (type tested)

* ( ) please mark

Manufacturing certificate:
Teckentrup GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestr. 50
D-33415 Verl - Sürenheide
Tel.: +49 (0) 52 46/5 04-0
Fax: +49 (0) 52 46/5 04-230